Our Invitation to You

By spending the day with us, you will accomplish 3 very important objectives


Educate and experience why Pittsburgh is a solid investment

Throughout the day you will be in the neighborhoods and surrounding areas we are investing. In addition, we will visit college campuses, local hospitals, healthcare facilities, Rivers Casino, the convention center and many other landmarks of the city. You will leave with a complete understanding of Aurora Real Estate Investment Services & Pittsburgh.


Visiting past and present projects and seeing our work first hand

During your day we will look at properties that we have renovated in the past, that we currently have under renovation and properties that are purchased, but are not renovated. Examining properties in all stages of renovation will give you a higher sense of the workmanship being provided.


Building a relationship

During the course of our day together you will get to know us and we will get to know you. We consider this the most important step.