About Us

TJ Bencho

T.J. is Owner of Aurora Real Estate Investment Services. He handles the day to day operations of the business, oversees the renovations, performs the marketing and oversees the management of your investment properties.

T.J. is married with three children. He was introduced to real estate at a very young age by his father. While attending Duquesne University as a full time student T.J. took over his fathers mortgage company in 2004. For the next two years T.J. owned and operated the mortgage company, went to school full time and learned the ins and outs of real estate investing. After graduating with a finance and investment management double major, T.J. traveled from state to state in order to promote the mortgage business and the services that Aurora Real Estate Investment Services has to offer. T.J. closed the mortgage company at the onset of the financial recession. After closing the mortgage company, he took full control of the property management aspect of Aurora Real Estate Investment Services and continues to travel on a regular basis in order to build relationships with real estate investors.


Jennifer Bencho

Jennifer is the lucky wife of TJ, blessed mama of Thomas, Luke, and Tucker, and the BOSS. She enjoys working with the team and handles anything from lease renewals to providing donuts.


Kelly Arlet

Hi my name is Kelly M. Arlet. I am a proud mother of one son (T.J. Bencho) and a very proud grandmother of three beautiful grandsons. Let’s not forgot my amazing Daughter in Law Jennifer Bencho. T. J. and Jennifer are both amazing people and parents. By far my son is my greatest achievement. I am one of four siblings (All girls, God bless my parents). I was a bar manager most of my young adult life. I owned my own very successful bar an grill for 8 years. By far, this is the best job that I have ever had. Top reason why: Not only do I get to work with my son but we are all family. Also I get to meet new great people on a daily basis. I am a leasing agent. I also handle all of the maintenance issues and multiple task in and out of the office.



Amy D’Allessandro

Amy is the in-house realtor for Aurora Real Estate Investment Services. She locates many of the properties that our investors purchase. Amy also deals with the seller or selling agent to get the deal done.

She is a full time mother and realtor. Amy purchased her first real estate investment property in 2006 and has not looked back since. Amy was our leasing manager from the beginning of 2009 until the middle of 2010.


Valerie Martin

Valerie is the co-office manager and bookkeeper for Aurora Real Estate Investment Services. Valerie runs the day to day operations of our company and deals with the owners of our properties throughout the entire process.

Valerie has been a vital member of our team since 2006 and has extensive booking experience.


Jennifer Zebo

Jennifer Zebo is our administrative assistant. She handles internal office procedures ensuring that everyone is meeting the needs of our clients.

Jennifer is a family friend of T.J. and his wife Jen. She brings an extensive organizational skill set to the table and is enjoying learning the business a new member of the team.


Lauren Wozniak

Lauren is a new member to our team and she is an Office Assistant and Leasing Agent for us.

Lauren works hard to be sure to market and show properties that are ready to be rented out and keep in contact with potential tenants on a daily basis.

Lauren is married and has two children and she is excited to be able to be a full time mom while enjoying a job she has always wanted to do in real estate




Peter Badger

“With strong economic fundamentals, a diverse employment base, lower than average unemployment, and a solid local government, Pittsburgh is a great place to invest in property. Working with TJ and his team gave me the local knowledge and know-how about the Pittsburgh market to make sure I invested in the right neighborhoods, at the right price, for the right reasons (cash flow primarily, appreciation as an upside). It is so easy to make mistakes when investing in Real Estate; TJ and the entire team take the guesswork out of the Pittsburgh market and I’m now a proud owner of multiple properties producing passive income for my family for the next couple of generations.”


Andrew Thomas

Sydney, Australia

“Hi I’m Andrew Thomas and I’m based in Sydney Australia. I knew after the GFC hit, with the massive foreclosures across America and with the Aussie Dollar being so strong against the US dollar that America was the perfect storm to invest in property but where? After a lot of research I heard about Aurora Real Estate Investment Services 3 years ago at a seminar I attended that focused on investing in the USA. From there I was introduced the principals of Aurora Real Estate Investment Services who provide a full turnkey property investing solution based in Pittsburgh. All of the deals these guys were finding were not only providing above normal returns they were selling as soon as they released them to the market.

I decided to fly to Pittsburgh to meet up with them to find out for myself what was going on and I ended up buying four properties straight away. That’s how confident they made me feel.

Not only did I get great deals well below market value (being $31K on a $58K property )they rehabbed them, tenanted them and managed the whole process making it very easy for me as an international investor.

I have found their team very professional, welcoming, insightful and good operators with a very sound understanding of their local market. I really enjoy their company and I have recommended them to many people in particular Aussie investors and will continue to do.

I can’t wait to secure my next deal.”


Jeff B

New Jersey

“TJ, I’d like to thank you and your father personally for the help that you have given me with getting into my first investment property in Pittsburgh. As small time investor who has worked with several different real estate investors and management companies over the years, my experience with Bencho-Aurora has been wonderful and everything I’ve come to expect from a professional management company. Everything from the initial purchase of my property, to the renovation & finally managing it was completely seamless and hands off for me which is what I really appreciate as an out of state owner. I’d also like to that you and your father for always being accessible whenever I have a question or concern. I look forward to purchasing more properties in the Pittsburgh area because of my experience with you guys.”

Kristy O

New York, NY

“I have been working with TJ and Tom for a year now. It has been a great working relationship with them that has ultimately increased my wealth. What I love about them is that they are an honest hard working team that I can trust and look out for my best interest. With this being my first investment, I was very nervous but they were so patient in answering all of my questions and helping me make it a great success. I’m thrilled to report that my property is looking at a valuation of almost 100% more than what I paid for it. I have a strong positive cash flow from the property and great appreciation. I am currently looking at more properties with them. Thanks TJ, Tom and the team!”


Kristen Ford

West Orange, NJ

“I’ve been working with Tom and TJ since I first started investing in Real Estate in early 2005. I can’t say enough good things about Tom and TJ. I’ve worked with both of them on several types of projects. They keep their word, they work hard and they value relationships. In fact Tom is the only person from those early years that I continue to work with and look forward to doing more business with in the future.”


Jim Cope and Ping Haas

Martinez, CA

“My wife Ping and I met TJ at a Real Wealth Network meeting.  His family’s roots in the Pittsburgh area, his commitment to improving neighborhoods one house at a time, combined with his warmth and sincerity convinced us to schedule a visit.

On the day of our tour, TJ was well prepared and contagiously enthusiastic.  Throughout the day we saw the city and its colorful neighborhoods.  We visited properties and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.  We felt secure that TJ and his company were a perfect fit for us.

At the end of the day, we selected two houses to purchase.  As is often the case in real estate transactions, one house had a hidden defect which made the deal unattractive.  Within 2 days TJ found another beautiful gem for us to buy.

The renovation for both houses went smoothly.  We were kept up to date with weekly progress pictures.  We are thrilled with the quality of the work.

Our houses rented quickly and the ongoing management of our investments has been seamless.

We are planning to buy another this summer!”



Ivan and Tracey Krivacic

New South Whales, Australia

Why should others consider investing with us in the future?


You know that you can trust the team at Aurora Real Estate Investment Services. From the moment that I met T.J. in Sydney last year in May 2016 during “Cash Flow USA” seminar that Dymphna Boholt was hosting and throughout the whole process, T.J and the team have always been true to their word. My family and I spent time with T.J. touring properties in Pittsburgh during January 2017 and were shown properties prior to rehab as well as completed rehabs. This then provided us with a really good idea of the quality of the rehabs and what we would expect to see with our investments. When our investment property in Ambridge, PA was completed during May 2017 we were amazed at the results after the rehab was completed. The quality of the work was excellent and far exceeded our expectations. T.J. and his team always strive for excellence and when you see the results for yourself it is clearly evident.


What prompted you to work with us and why did you specifically seek our services?


We were looking for a team that could work with us throughout the whole process. From property acquisition and rehab, right through to sourcing and managing our tenants. Being more that 9,500 miles away from our properties we really wanted peace of mind that our properties were in good hands and that’s why we chose the team at Aurora.


How did you benefit and what were the results from investing and working with Aurora Real Estate Investment Services?


When a deal is presented by Aurora you are provided with all of the details and costs upfront as well as the expected rental income and cash on cash returns. This allows you as an investor to quickly assess if the deal works for you personally and the team at Aurora strive to meet the numbers that they provide you upfront. From our personal experience, the team at Aurora were able to meet the numbers that they provided upfront for our property that we purchased in Ambridge, PA and we didn’t encounter any variation to these numbers throughout the whole process. Again providing us with peace of mind and comfort to acquire additional properties from Aurora in future.


If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Aurora Real Estate Investment Services or not, what would you say to them?


When you work with the Aurora team you feel like you are also part of their family. They love what they do and really look after you as an investor. Throughout the process you receive progress updates and a lot of photos on a weekly basis. You can really see how your property is progressing and once you see the end results after the rehab is complete then you know that you have engaged the right team. The quality of their work is exceptional and well beyond all of our expectations. For this we would really like to personally thank all of the team at Aurora.


In the future, what area(s) can we improve upon?


Just keep doing what you are doing, no improvements required. Your team, your processes and the quality of your work is excellent!